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I've moved. Please ask for my new account!

Hello, everyone! I'm Nikiptc18. (pronounced Niki-pea-tee-sea-eighteen.) c:

◊ insert interesting things about me
◊ spoiler: there is nothing interesting about me
◊ im that one girl who does dumb things and draws a lot
◊ harutaka ruined my life

that's why you got me by medusa171 Children by EmmaTheEggplant
important things ^

anyway i hope you like my art!! i put a lot of time into it haha.


SO it's finally summer and thus!! I'm going to begin my transition between this account and my new one. I'll try to watch all of my friends over there, but if I forgot you, just watch me and I'll probably remember! So far there's absolutely nothing on it, not even an avatar or anything, but expect that to change sometime soon!
So here's my new account, and my new name as an artist: <PLEASE NOTE ME FOR NEW ACCOUNT> 
Okay putting that aside... I'm going to pull a shameful plug here. So like, Tokyo Otaku Mode is this really great site to buy stuff off of, right? I mean, seriously. Their prices are (very!) reasonable, and they have so much stuff. There's seriously no way you wouldn't find something you want... And so I'm going to throw this out there! If you use my invite link to sign up, it'll give you $5 off any order! And if you buy something over $30, you'll get you free shipping, too (I'm pretty sure they're still doing this)!
I also have a few other coupon codes saved, one with $5 + free shipping and another that's just $5... If you're interested in using them, comment :>
I'm talking about this (shamefully) now because I want to buy a friend of mine a birthday present along with another thing of mine.... And idk if I'll have enough to buy both right now. So yep, that's it. Lol... Idk, check it out. With what I've mentioned, you can get something $10 or under for free, or something $15 for $5... Etc. I think it's a good deal (my first purchase was a nendoroid, got her for only $18 so).
Okay, I'll shut up now. Thanks for all your support, everyone!
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Sea of Time Remix (ft. GlitchxCity)
  • Reading: Orange, Rainbow Days, xxxHolic Rei, Strobe Edge...
  • Watching: The Daily Lives of Highschool Boys
  • Playing: mostly the stupid dinosaur game on chrome
  • Eating: all of my work from this school year
  • Drinking: all of my tears from this school year
very dumb answers ft. me 

1. This meme may be personal. You ready for it? 
noT really but o k

2. If you married the last person you texted, what would your last name be? 
clutches chest.... the device used to text with...... is no longer here. it has left me. it is gon

3. Were you happy when you woke up today?
uuuuuuuuuhhh i am rarely happy when i wake up?? i mean its waking up ok

4. When were you on the phone last? And with who? 

5. What are you excited for? 

6. What were you doing yesterday? 

7. Honestly, who was the last person to tell you they love you?
uummmmmmmm i dont know??? my mom? my friend??? idk

8. What's the last thing you put in your mouth?
a marshmallow pls destroy me

9. Have a best friend? 
mfw ur best friend doesnt consider u a best friend lmao
um i feel closest with my bud ruth lately but i also love holly, jostle, emma, and gilly very much

10. Are you scared to fall in love?
yeah :000 its a horrible feeling so??

11. Do you think teenagers can be in love? 
this is the dumbest question ever???? yes?? points foot at door if u think otherwise

12. Last person you wanted to punch in the face? 

13. What time is it right this second?
6:22 someone kill me i have so much hw

14. What do you want right now? 
for my hw to be magically done

15. Who was the last person you took a picture with? 
with??? uuuhh probably last saturday at regan's party it was with her and a few other friends

16. Are you single/taken/heartbroken/or confused? 
single and im always confused??

17. When was the last time you cried? 
....suRPRISINGLY ITS BEEN A WHILE?? maybe last week???

18. Do you have a good relationship with your parents? 
my mom and i get along p chill but my relationship with my dad is unstable like sometimes good sometimes not at all

19. Do you find it hard to trust others? 

20. How fast does your mind change? 

21. I bet you miss somebody right now. 
mmh yeah lots of ppl

22. Can you honestly say you're okay right now? 
nnnh is anyone tho

23. Why do you think so many people cheat? 
bc the feeling of failure is worse than the guilt from cheating (and i think a lot of ppl dont feel that guilt anyway)

24. Tell me what's on your mind? 
stress over hw and im exhausted

25. What are you looking forward to in the next three months? 

26. Have you ever worn the opposite sex's clothing? 
does this mean like "boys' clothes" or "a boy's clothes?" both ???

27. When did you last talk to your number 1 top friend? 

28. When is your next road trip?

29. Do you have someone of the opposite gender you can tell anything to? 

30. How's your heart? 
it wants food and sleep

31. Have you ever felt like you weren't important? 
who hasnt tho

32. Do you think somebody's in love with you? 
probably ggh

33. What are you planning on doing after this? 
planning?? hw. but i doubt thats what im gonna do

34. Next time you will kiss someone? 
eeehh probably not for a while

35. Have you told anybody you loved them today? 
uummMMM i dont think so....

36. Who do you not get along with? 
ME LMAO no uhhh my family sometimes?? and ppl who are mean to my friends... but its not like i actually fight with them... i dont have a lot of enemies..... i dont think.

37. What does your 3rd recent text say? 

38. What are you wearing right now? 
clothes??? a white collared sleeveless shirt with a black polka-dotted skirt...

39. You're locked in a room with the person you last kissed, how is it? 
i am alone?? in a room????

40. When's the last time you had a grilled cheese?
eehhhhh a month??? mayb

 41. What's your favorite boy and girl name right now? 
girl name: mary

42. How did you feel when you woke up?
tired and stressed??

43. Do you wish someone would call or text you right now? 

44. Do you crack your knuckles? 
no not rly i dont think

45. What were you doing yesterday at midnight? 
going to bed... wish i was in bed by then but nope

46. What are your LEGAL initials? 
np fight me

47. Who's the first B in your contacts? 
points foot at door. pls leave

48. When was the last time you laughed really hard? 

49. Your number 1 top friend walks out of your life, do you go after them? 

50. Explain your last awkward moment? 
being alive right now?? LIKE AS IN A LIFE IS AWKWARD KINDA WAY

51. Are you afraid of the dark? 

52. Do you have good vision? 
my vision is AWFUL like REALLY REALLY BAD

53. Have you ever tripped someone? 
uuuhhh i feel like i have but?? i dont think so??? at least i cant remember......

54. Have you ever slapped someone? 
punching is more my style tb h

55. Are you Irish? 
puts on sunglasses im greek

56. Do you use chap stick? 
no but i rly should tho my lips are always dry

57. Do you have any scars? 
?? how can u not have scars like didnt everyone trip and cut themselves when they were 5 or

58. Is there someone you will never forgive? 
uuHH i forgive pretty easily but?? theres this one teacher i had that annoys me to no end so probably him. i despise him man

59. Are you dating the person you last held hands with? 
??? thatd be regan when we were ice skating and naaah we friends we friends

60. Name the last person to text you. 

61. Would you marry someone 8 years older than you? 
if i was of age and we were both cool than why not??

62. Can you go in public looking like you do? 
if i put shoes on sure i guess??

63. Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a J? 
why so specific and no lol

64. What side of the bed do you sleep on? 
theres only one side lmao

65. What's the first thing you'll do on your wedding day? 
GET UP????

66. Do you fall for people easily? 

67. Has anyone put their arms around you in the past 5 days?
eeehhhh probably

68. Do you miss the way things used to be? 
yea h

69. Song you're thinking of right now? 
im listening to game bgm rn so probably that

70. Want someone back in your life? 
uuuhh yes??? i think probably?? actually i cant think of anyone.... uuhh

71. Will tomorrow be better than today? 
nope ill have more hw then

72. What's your favorite color? 

73. Who was the first friend that you had? 
ummMM i have no idea like wouldnt that be before i turned 2 how could i remember

74. Does it bother you when someone lies to you? 
yes?? theyd have no reason to lie so

75. Is there anyone who understands your relationship status?

76. Are you a naturally happy person? Or is your happiness forced? 
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh i guess i naturally feel happiness when it happens but it doesnt always happen when its supposed to. i guess.

77. Is there anyone you wish would fall in love with you?
puts arms up yes??

im not tagging anyone fight me
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Alice Human Sacrifice IM SUCH A WEEB SEND HELP
  • Playing: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky
Lmao I should be sleeping but... nah.
So this summer I should be going to session IV of SCAD's Savannah workshops Sequential Art: Mini-Comics Accessory Design (mini-comics was full ; ---- ; ) and Game Design! ...Man, just looking at those titles makes me feel like such a nerd. I probably would've chosen Drawing: The Figure if I could have... Not that it makes me any less of a nerd, lol. Anyway, I still haven't signed up, so none of this is confirmed. But I'm planning on it!
:iconemmatheeggplant: should be going with me! We're probably going to room together too! I'm so excited!!
...I hope I have a phone by then... Mine doesn't work. I tried almost everything. Insert my dramatic sigh... 
!! I digress. Are any of you going? If you haven't heard of it, you should totally check it out! It's a little expensive, and you might need to drive, but hopefully it'll be worth it! I've never been there myself...

Moving on...
I've been working on that one WIP I posted a while back, and it's taking me f o r e v e r. :iconerouro: can most likely confirm that, as she's in my digital arts class. It took me a whole class period (around 30 minutes?) just to draw the eyes. Yeah, I'm redoing the whole lineart... And fixing it up. And fixing, and fixing, and fixing... But I'm going to keep working until I'm happy with it!! Wish me luck!
Also!! This is completely unrelated, but I've been pretty active on MyFigureCollection lately. If any of you are collectors, definitely add me!…
I'm also active on Tumblr and Twitter, but not art-wise. On Tumblr, I have fandom blogs and a pastel/personal blog, and on Twitter I basically just yell all the time. But if you want to talk to me more, I can give you them!
Also... give me indie games, please. I've played through all of the ones I've downloaded. I need more... >v>;;
I think that's it! Thank you for reading!!
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: my mom yell at me??
  • Reading: Chobits and various others
  • Playing: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky
  • Eating: the souls of the dead
I guess I'll start with the bigger stuff??
I kind of want to make a new account on here. This one is so old, and there's a lot of things I'd like to change that would take me ages to do. Plus, I'm also thinking about making a more professional art blog on tumblr, too? I'd like to make a name for myself as an artist, a name that's easy to remember and known for doing certain things. Y'know?? I'm in high school now, and considering I do want to major in some kind of art, it'd be good to start getting serious now.
I have a name in mind, too, but I'm not totally sure about it... Mmmh. Probably one of the things I'm most worried about is making a new account and it turning out the same as this one, and me just wanting to make another. 
I guess if I do decide to make a new one, then I'll do my best to not let that happen! And I won't deactivate this one either (for a number of reasons. It'll just be inactive).
Moving on!! WelllLll this isn't completely relevant, but basically, I fell in the pool... And my phone was in my pocket. So my phone is dead. I'm going to try to fix it, but I don't know if even that'll work. There's really one main reason I do want to fix it, and that's because of my pictures. Specifically, the pictures from MegaCon. I lost all of my cosplay pictures, and I was really proud of them, too... So I'm gonna try to fix it as best I can!! If not, I'll have to save up and get a new one.... hh.
EDIT: I guess something else I could mention is that because of my phone dying and me needing something to do on the way to school, I've been playing a ton of RPGs. Probably my favorite that I've played recently is OFF. I played Yume Nikki and Starbot before this, and I love those too. So within the past couple weeks, I've played Melon Journey, Very Pink Game, Pen Palz, 4LungBoy, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, and I'm currently playing Dreaming Mary. Yeah... Please talk to me about psychological indie games. I love them so much. Lol...
Uhh, as usual, there was more I wanted to say... But I forget.
That's all!!
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: BGM bc im supposed to be doing hw lol
  • Reading: xxxHolic
  • Watching: Guardians of the Galaxy (rewatched it with family)
  • Playing: Dreaming Mary
Once upon a time, there was a boy who was drowning.
Now, this boy wasn't a child, nor was he an adult. His age wasn't something you could describe with a number.
Although he had always been drowning, the boy felt like there was something before it.
Even, if there was a "something", he couldn't remember it.
His name? His appearance? What he liked and disliked?
He couldn't remember any of it. Whatever he was drowning in was dark and thick, and couldn't reflect an image back to him. He guessed that even if he could see himself, he would wish he could forget it. So it was probably better this way.
The only thing he disliked was this drowning.
This boy, he knew he was drowning. He believed he could open his eyes and see the dark, never ending waters, and the bright, beautiful sky. But really, he knew that what he "saw" might not be what was "true". He knew that even the "truth" may not be real...
For a long, long time, he believed he was screaming, gasping and struggling all alone. But then, he opened his eyes and realized that everyone was drowning with him. No, not everyone... Some were not there. But there were so many. He saw people he loved, and reached out for them, but he could never touch them. Where were the ones who were not drowning? Had they left? Escaped? Or had they never felt this drowning in the first place?
Even if those people had escaped, this boy knew he never could. A person such as himself just wasn't capable. He stopped thrashing and flailing in the water. He let himself sink into the abyss... And as the ones that loved him reached for him in panic, he cried. He was sorry he was leaving them. But he didn't want to drown anymore.
The Boy Who Was Drowning
Thing I probably would have never typed up if it wasn't because of a free-write assignment in English. 
I've posted a story on here before, so why not??
Uhh as with the other stuff I've recently posted, and the stuff I will be posting in the future, I can't tell you what this means. It's up to you to interpret it. Generally when I tell people what my art means, it just disappoints them (it's never as interesting as they want it to be!) so it's better this way :>!!
Hope you found it interesting!
Also, sorry to everyone who's replied to me... I'm writing an essay right now, and only posted this because I was thinking of it. I'll get on as soon as I can!!

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