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Hello, everyone! I'm Nikiptc18. (pronounced Niki-pea-tee-sea-eighteen.) c:

◊ insert interesting things about me
◊ spoiler: there is nothing interesting about me
◊ im that one girl who does dumb things and draws a lot
◊ harutaka ruined my life

that's why you got me by medusa171 Children by EmmaTheEggplant
important things ^

anyway i hope you like my art!! i put a lot of time into it haha.


I guess I'll start with the bigger stuff??
I kind of want to make a new account on here. This one is so old, and there's a lot of things I'd like to change that would take me ages to do. Plus, I'm also thinking about making a more professional art blog on tumblr, too? I'd like to make a name for myself as an artist, a name that's easy to remember and known for doing certain things. Y'know?? I'm in high school now, and considering I do want to major in some kind of art, it'd be good to start getting serious now.
I have a name in mind, too, but I'm not totally sure about it... Mmmh. Probably one of the things I'm most worried about is making a new account and it turning out the same as this one, and me just wanting to make another. 
I guess if I do decide to make a new one, then I'll do my best to not let that happen! And I won't deactivate this one either (for a number of reasons. It'll just be inactive).
Moving on!! WelllLll this isn't completely relevant, but basically, I fell in the pool... And my phone was in my pocket. So my phone is dead. I'm going to try to fix it, but I don't know if even that'll work. There's really one main reason I do want to fix it, and that's because of my pictures. Specifically, the pictures from MegaCon. I lost all of my cosplay pictures, and I was really proud of them, too... So I'm gonna try to fix it as best I can!! If not, I'll have to save up and get a new one.... hh.
EDIT: I guess something else I could mention is that because of my phone dying and me needing something to do on the way to school, I've been playing a ton of RPGs. Probably my favorite that I've played recently is OFF. I played Yume Nikki and Starbot before this, and I love those too. So within the past couple weeks, I've played Melon Journey, Very Pink Game, Pen Palz, 4LungBoy, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, and I'm currently playing Dreaming Mary. Yeah... Please talk to me about psychological indie games. I love them so much. Lol...
Uhh, as usual, there was more I wanted to say... But I forget.
That's all!!
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: BGM bc im supposed to be doing hw lol
  • Reading: xxxHolic
  • Watching: Guardians of the Galaxy (rewatched it with family)
  • Playing: Dreaming Mary
Once upon a time, there was a boy who was drowning.
Now, this boy wasn't a child, nor was he an adult. His age wasn't something you could describe with a number.
Although he had always been drowning, the boy felt like there was something before it.
Even, if there was a "something", he couldn't remember it.
His name? His appearance? What he liked and disliked?
He couldn't remember any of it. Whatever he was drowning in was dark and thick, and couldn't reflect an image back to him. He guessed that even if he could see himself, he would wish he could forget it. So it was probably better this way. The only thing he disliked was this drowning.
This boy, he knew he was drowning. He believed he could open his eyes and see the dark, never ending waters, and the bright, beautiful sky. But really, he knew that what he "saw" might not be what was "true". He knew that even the "truth" may not be real...
For a long, long time, he believed he was screaming, gasping and struggling all alone. But then, he opened his eyes and realized that everyone was drowning with him. No, not everyone... Some were not there. But there were so many. He saw people he loved, and reached out for them, but he could never touch them. Where were the ones who were not drowning? Had they left? Escaped? Or had they never felt this drowning in the first place?
Even if those people had escaped, this boy knew he never could. A person such as himself just wasn't capable. He stopped thrashing and flailing in the water. He let himself sink into the abyss... And as the ones that loved him reached for him in panic, he cried. He was sorry he was leaving them. But he didn't want to drown anymore.
The Boy Who Was Drowning
Thing I probably would have never typed up if it wasn't because of a free-write assignment in English. 
I've posted a story on here before, so why not??
Uhh as with the other stuff I've recently posted, and the stuff I will be posting in the future, I can't tell you what this means. It's up to you to interpret it. Generally when I tell people what my art means, it just disappoints them (it's never as interesting as they want it to be!) so it's better this way :>!!
Hope you found it interesting!
Also, sorry to everyone who's replied to me... I'm writing an essay right now, and only posted this because I was thinking of it. I'll get on as soon as I can!!
Dream by Nikiptc18
There was an art show, and I had nothing to enter in, so I colored this. It's from late 2014, but I still like the colors.
Also, I couldn't remember the title I originally gave it, but if I remember it (and still like it), I'll update. I don't like giving titles to my art.... It's hard to put images into words??
Does anyone want to hang out (and watch me draw)? I'd be working on HEART : WIP by Nikiptc18 this piece. I just like having company lol...
If you come, like, right this second, I don't think I'll be drawing quite yet. But I won't be long! Definitely not over 15 minutes. And this stream shouldn't last super long (not any more than 2 hours), I have homework I'm avoiding...
Anyway, here's the link! Don't feel obligated to watch the whole time lol. You can switch in and out of the tab if you feel like it!
That's all for now! Thanks for reading!!
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Crier [Scop ft. Hatsune Miku]
  • Watching: The Daily Lives of High School Boys

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